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Micromanagement is bad, “macorempowerment” is the best

Micromanagement is bad, “macorempowerment” is the best. Oh, god God! Well, while I agree micromanagement is not suited in every scenario and with every individual, there are times when we need to micromanage. I can think of a few examples – a developer is barely starting his career and he is unsure of how often...

Failure you said? nah, not me!

Failure is such a difficult word. When I hear failure, my hearth shrinks a little bit. Anxiety kicks in, suddenly, I don’t feel as if I achieved anything and even past achievements seem smaller now.   Does this feeling sound familiar?   We all know, at least at a certain level, that we learn when...

AI is replacing us

Almost everywhere, the hottest topic for debate seems to be artificial intelligence (AI) replacing human kind and taking our jobs. While it makes sense for some professionals to consider adapting and learning different skills or just extrapolating on their existing ones, most of the others are just scared without a base for their fear. I...

AI is hot! AI is the new black!

AI is hot! AI is the new black! AI is the future! And AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Which is basically an intelligence demonstrated by machines as opposed to non-human animals and human intelligence. As many of us you ask, you will get a lot of different answers in what we consider to be AI....

A professional in high demand

Education is one of the basic human rights and there is no doubt that a quality education has a major role in one’s development. That being said, the way formal education looks like has chanced tremendously over the years, as a response to society’s progress and increasing complexity. Times are now less simple than 200...

Automation is the new black

“Automation” sounds so general and quite abstract – let me narrow it down a bit, by mentioning right from the start that in this article, I am referring to Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. This is not just the newest IT trend or the ultimate key to success. This is my passion and my...

A world with test automation

A whole new world… (a new fantastic point of view) Sorry, Aladdin, for borrowing your theme song. I do want to share about this world I am dreaming of – all the new horizons to pursue, but not from a magic carpet. I dream of a world…where test automation can be used at its maximum...

Open Banking, the future of Fintech: Challenges & Opportunities

We are in full digital revolution. The financial market has to keep up – Fintechs and customers alike. Open banking is reshaping the industry. Is it challenging? But it can be done! Officially, Open Banking can be defined as the “opportunity for people and businesses to use their transaction data to access better financial products...